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One-to-One Course

Course Overview

Description: This course is designed to provide individual attention to the artist- This course is flexible for Aspiring artists, beginners, or advanced. The student/artist can choose what they would like to learn. They can select an evening look, bridal look, or romantic look.
Price: $1,000


What’s Included

  • Kit run-through
  • Acquiring Before & After photos of model
    understanding models anatomy
  • Skincare Prep
  • Eyeshadow execution; layering to create depth
  • Perfecting RJs signature winged eyeliner
  • Sculpting & Highlighting
  • Applying foundation and achieving a flawless finish
  • Achieving radiant/dewy skin
  • Perfecting the perfect lip pout


Please click here or e-mail [email protected] for course information.